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Mission Statement


Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, nurture and protect animals that have been taken from their natural habitats and due to human intervention cannot be returned to the wild. While we provide compassionate comprehensive lifetime care to these animals, we also educate and involve the public in learning about conservation and ways to create a more sustainable environment in symbiotic relationship between people and animals. 


Immersive Tours

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Have you ever seen an Armadillo dig, or heard the sound a fox makes when it’s happy, or smelled a monkey up close? This is your chance! Join us for a unique experience at our rescue sanctuary in Agua Dulce. During your immersive encounter, you will engage your senses in our outdoor setting. Some of the animals you meet will be allowed free-range participation in a controlled area. You will be close enough to take great photos, but far enough away to maintain a stress-free environment for all of the animals and our guests. 

So, come prepared with your smiles and cameras, and get ready to be inspired by the wonders of Mother Nature's creations!

The visit will last approximately 75 minutes.

Children must be supervised at all times.

DISCLAIMER: We'd like to clarify that while we often use the term 'immersive' to describe our experience, we are not a petting zoo. We are a rescue center dedicated to conservation and rehabilitation. While most of our animals will be in close proximity, there will be limited physical contact permitted for safety reasons. This distance ensures our animals feel secure and comfortable. Our top priority is the safety of both our guests and our animals.

Public Tours  |  Private Tours  |  School Tours  |  Wildlife Educator for a Day

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A Peek Inside the Sanctuary



"This is not an experience you can get from any zoo. Firsthand encounters with exotic animals who choose to say hello, each in their way, was the highlight of this place! Monkeys, fennec fox, kangaroos, skunk, armadillos, porcupines, wolves, emus, and many more. The animals bond with their own selected trainers, and live a quality life after being rescued from their situations. The personal tour price, compared to Disneyland, is SOOO worth it! Take your camera. Our tour group of 7 was a perfect number."

@seeit4myself, Trip Advisor


Wildlife Help


Animal Tracks Sanctuary is not allowed to provide care for injured wildlife. If you encounter an injured animal, it is imperative that it receives proper care at a designated rehabilitation facility first. For assistance, please reach out to the California Wildlife Center using the contact link provided below.


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