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Red Fox

MALAKAI is a fur farm survivor. He was saved from a farm in Iowa by the Save A Fox organization. A year and a half old, his teeth are in ruins due to the way he was fed at the fur farm, which was by being given a can of sardines and having to open it with his own teeth. It is shameful to realize what human beings are capable to do to other creatures for things they don't really need. Malakai is a brilliant, intelligent, nervous young man. He has a beautiful companion now, named Shy, who is also a red fox. He is neutered and babies are not on the agenda! We would never breed foxes into a cage. He loves his snacks, and we are hoping he chooses to join in the fun when we do live tours!


ORDER: Carnivora           
FAMILY: Canidae               
GENUS: Vulpes                 
SPECIES: Vulpes 

Most active during twilight (crepuscular) and evening hours, (nocturnal). They eat a highly varied diet which makes them opportunistic omnivores. They love a good hunt and will even hunt when not hungry to store food for hard times. Red foxes are the largest of all the foxes and are legendary for intelligence and resourcefulness. They can hear a mouse squeak 100 feet away and have an incredibly good hunting success rate of 75%. They are monogamous and breed January thru March. They are pregnant 60 days, normally producing 1 to 10 babies at a time. A normal family consists of 1 male and 1 to 2 females with pups. They sexually mature at 7 months of age.


Habitat destruction and over hunting. Once a population is depleted, rodent populations will skyrocket.

Conservation Status

LC - Least Concern

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