Bring Animal Tracks to Your School

Have us come to you with animals from around the world!  Let us "Edu-tain" you with lots of "Facts and Tracks" about 8 different species you get to choose from, such as:  tarantulas,  scorpions, alligators, Tegu, giant Burmese python, opossums, hedgehogs, Fennec fox, skunks, ferrets and monkeys etc....

We do have specialty animals, such as lemur, kangaroo and baboon that can be added for an additional fee.

We focus on educating our youth through entertaining stories and facts.  We want to touch their hearts as well as nurture their love for our planet and all things on it!

"Living wild species are like a library of books still unread." ~ John Dingell ~

In addition to schools, we also love visiting:

Summer camps

Boy scouts & girl scouts

senior living facilities

veterans' facilities



Each Animal Show lasts approximately 1 hour and includes 8 animals.  We are able to accommodate up to three back-to-back shows per day at the same location.

One show:  $600

Second & third show:  $300 each

*Additional $75 mileage fee for locales further than 60 miles from our facility, located in Agua Dulce, CA.

** 50% is due at the time of booking, with the other 50% due on the day of the assembly.

To arrange your school assembly or other offsite educational experience, please have a date in mind and contact Executive Director, Stacy Gunderson at or call 805-341-2515.