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The Animal Tracks Family

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Stacy Gunderson

Ranch director Stacy Gunderson grew up in Simi Valley, California and attended the Moorpark Exotic Animal Program right out of High School, graduating in 1989. She met her future husband, Tom Gunderson, while in college. After graduating, Stacy went to work for a movie animal company called Birds and Animals Unlimited, and Tom went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park as an elephant keeper. Just a few years later, Tom joined Stacy at Birds and Animals and the pair had the amazing opportunity to travel the world together making movies with the animals they loved. Stacy and Tom married in 2001 and had 2 beautiful children and Stacy decided to take on the role of stay at home mom while Tom remained in the movie industry. In 2008, the pair got word that a friend who was running an animal sanctuary could no longer keep it up. Stacy and Tom went to look at some animal enclosures and came home with Animal Tracks!  Balancing Tom’s entertainment industry career (which frequently took him to the other side of the globe), two kids, and a fledgeling nonprofit was certainly a labor of love, but Stacy is thrilled to have shared the journey with her wonderful family. Animal Tracks is woven into the fabric of their lives, and Stacy hopes it will continue to be a huge part of the Gunderson tradition for generations to come.