Télo loves tickles! LOL

Welcome Home, Tèlo!

Pronounced Tay-Lo & means THREE in


Tèlo is a unique creature with a somewhat unfortunate, yet common story, she was privately owned (a pet) which did not benefit her in any way, she was fed an improper diet, and injured her leg approximately a year ago and did not receive proper medical attention.  Due to the lack of veterinary care she is virtually paralyzed from the hips down.  It turns out, she does not have spinal damage, but a severe injury to her right hind leg - her hamstring was severed - and because of the lack of use her hindquarters have atrophied to the point of paralysis.

Throughout all of this, Tèlo has had the most amazing attitude!  She is sweet and kind and loving, and will take a grape from just about everyone!  She loves chin and armpit scratches, and will sing for total strangers.  

Since she joined the Animal Tracks family, she has received necessary medical care, with many more vet visits in her future.  We do physical therapy and daily medications, an expensive diet as well as enrichment and a strong mental stimulation plan, to impact her positively to the best of her abilities! 

Tèlo is surrounded by people who love her and care for her, but she is going to require a village of supporters to help her live her best life!!!

Hello, Tèlo!

Please consider donating directly to Tèlo. Once we fill a need, we will cross it off below and share a picture of the progress!

Weekly Needs

Tropical Fruits & Figs

MealWorms & Bugs

Daily Medications 



A Custom Wheelchair

Leg & Hip Training 

An Exercise Wheel


Play Time

A Climbing Apparatus

Ramps, Ropes & Swings

Toys & Game


For Day Time

Specialized, Handi-capable Enclosure

Specialized Padding on her Shelves

Browse (Behavioral Enrichment)


For Night Time

Heated Sleeping Quarters

Padded Dog Beds and Blankets

Small Critter Heating Pad


Custom Amount

We will make sure to get Télo everything and anything she needs!


Our facility is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and depends on donations from animal lovers like you. We gratefully accept monetary donations of all sizes! 100% of donations go directly to the operation of our sanctuary and the care of our animals. 

Donations are processed through a secure server.