Animal Tracks is open from 8am to 5pm BY RESERVATION ONLY. Please see below for a list of our guided educational tours and experiences.

Please note that the animal encounters listed below are subject to change and we cannot guarantee hands on time with specific animals. Our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of everyone at the sanctuary, especially the animals in our care. 

Private tours may be scheduled by contacting us.


Take a 2 hour educational adventure tour of our facility, where you might have a hands on experience with reptiles, ferrets, an armadillo, opossums, a fennec fox, wolf hybrids, cavies, our resident pig, a serval, kangaroos, and Chrissy the baboon.

Sanctuary Tour: $45 per person

Private Weekday Sanctuary Tour: $100 per person


Ready to monkey around? Experience an hour of monkey talk, laughs, and hugs with four of our resident primates. You may interact with our capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkey, and baboon. (Must be 16 or older for this event, we will consider under 16 only if you book a private visit, email us at .)

Monkey Experience: $85 per person

Private Monkey Experience: $125 per person


*For children under 16, please contact us to schedule a private Monkey Experience.


Can't get enough of our amazing animals? Then the Animal Adventure is for you! Our most popular educational event combines the sanctuary tour with our once in a lifetime monkey experience. The Animal Adventure lasts approximately 3 hours.  You will spend an entire hour with three species of primates, squirrel monkey, capuchins and a baboon, the remaining 2 hours is hands-on interaction with the rest of our animals, you will be meeting kangaroos, porcupines, foxes, ferrets, opossums, skunks, armadillo, wolf hybrids, to name just a few!!!

Animal Adventure Combo: $125 per person

Private Animal Adventure Combo: $225 per person

*For children under 16, please contact us to schedule a private Animal Adventure Combo.


By popular demand, we've added a tour free of creepy crawlies and our scaly & feathered animal friends (we love them, but we know they aren't for everyone). On this 2 hour tour, this experience will start with 30 to 40 minutes of hands-on monkey mania with 3 species of monkeys - squirrel monkey, capuchin and baboon, the remaining time is spent getting to know the rest of the animals, like wolf hybrids, armadillos, skunks, opossums, ferrets, foxes, porcupines, kangaroos, to name just a few!

Monkey & Mammal Tour: $100 per person

Private Monkey & Mammal Tour: $175 per person

*For children under 16, please contact us to schedule a private Monkey & Mammal Tour.


The Children's Tour is a 1 hour educational event with kids 8 and under in mind. You might meet hedgehogs, ferrets, an armadillo, a fennec fox, opossums, cavies, kangaroos, a baby alligator, a kookaburra, and our resident pig!  

Children under 2: Free admission

Ages 2-12: $20 per person

Ages 13 and older: $25 per person

Private Children's Tour:

Children under 2: Free admission

Ages 2-12: $40.00 per person

Ages 13 and older: $50 a person

Private tours & Experiences

Want even more one-on-one time with our incredible animals? Email for more information or to reserve a private educational sanctuary tours or experience.

Romance at the Sanctuary

Animal Tracks is the perfect engagement spot, and we'd love to help you plan your perfect proposal. This special experience includes a private two hour tour plus the expert help of two of our trainers. Email for more information.

Package starts at $350.00 for two people, additional visitors are $175.00 each.


A 50% deposit is due at scheduling for all private parties.

Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before the start of your reservation.

Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Our small facility relies largely upon admission to our tours and events, and we are rarely able to fill vacancies left by last-minute cancellations. Because of this, we are unable to make any exceptions to the following:

  • There is a 7 day cancellation policy for public tours and events. All cancellations or rescheduling requests must be made no later than 7 days before your scheduled tour or event. There will be no refunds or reschedules after 7 days before your scheduled tour or event.
  • There is a 14 day cancellation policy for private tours, private events, and private parties. There is a 50% deposit when scheduling a private experience. All cancellations or reschedules must be made no later than 14 days before your scheduled private tour, event, or party. Your 50% deposit will become non-refundable after that date.
  • Because the weather can be unreliable and there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances, we will occasionally have to cancel a tour. All tours cancelled by Animal Tracks are eligible for a full refund or reschedule.