Please Note:

Only Ticket Holders can access the Sanctuary. No public access.

Please do NOT bring you personal pets.

All Private Tours have a 2 person minimum. Hosted from 10AM-4PM on weekdays. Call (805)341-2515.

“The animal tours listed below are subject to change and we cannot guarantee hands on time with specific animals. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of everyone at the sanctuary, especially the animals in our care.”

- Animal Tracks Team 

2019 “Sanctu-Scary” Tour

  • Interaction with some of our ridiculously friendly animals like hedgehogs, ferrets, the fennec fox, all the way up to our candy-corny kangaroos!

  • The second hour is craft time where you get to use gourds and pumpkins to create unique treats for your favorite animal at our Sanctu-Scary (and maybe a treat or two for you as well)!

  • Approximately 2 hours

  • Aimed at our younger friends ages 2-10

  • Children ages 2 and under are free

Sanctuary Tour

  • Educational adventure tour of our facility

  • You might have a hands on experience with reptiles, ferrets, an armadillo, opossums, a fennec fox, wolf hybrids, cavies, our resident pig, a serval, kangaroos, and Chrissy the baboon.

  • Approximately 2 hours

  • Ages 8+ Only

  • For children under 8 - you can book a private party, please contact us to schedule.

Monkey Experience

  • Monkey talk, laughs, and hugs with four of our resident primates.

  • You may interact with our capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkey, and baboon.

  • Approximately 1 hour

  • Must be 16 or older for this event, we will consider under 16 only if you book a private visit, email us at

  • For children under 16 - You can book a private party, please contact us to schedule.

Animal Adventure Combo [Sanctuary Tour + Monkey Experience]

  • Our most popular educational event combines the sanctuary tour with our once in a lifetime monkey experience.

  • You will spend an entire hour with three species of primates, squirrel monkey, capuchins and a baboon.

  • The remaining 2 hours is hands-on interaction with the rest of our animals, you will be meeting kangaroos, porcupines, foxes, ferrets, opossums, skunks, armadillo, wolf hybrids, to name just a few,

  • Approximately 3 hours

  • Ages 16+ Only

  • For children under 16 - You can book a private party, please contact us to schedule.

Monkey & Mammal Tour Only

  • A tour free of creepy crawlies and our scaly & feathered animal friends

  • This experience will start with 30 to 40 minutes of hands-on monkey mania with 3 species of monkeys - squirrel monkey, capuchin and baboon.

  • The remaining time is spent getting to know the rest of the animals, like wolf hybrids, armadillos, skunks, opossums, ferrets, foxes, porcupines, kangaroos, to name just a few!

  • Approximate 2 hours

  • Ages 16+ Only

  • For Children under 16 - You can book a private party, please contact us to schedule.

Semi Private Monkey & Mammal Tour

  • We only take up to 12 people for this specific event.

  • You will get 30 - 40 minutes of monkey business with two of our resident capuchin monkeys, a squirrel monkey, a baboon, and our black and white ruffed lemur.

  • The other 90 minutes with some of other amazing ambassadors like the wolf hybrids, African porcupine, skunks, opossums, ferrets, armadillo, fox, Patagonian mara, and even our kangaroos.

  • There will be no creepy crawlies or reptiles on this tour.

  • Approximately 2 hours

  • Ages 16+ Only

Childers Tour

  • An educational event with kids 8 and under in mind

  • You might meet hedgehogs, ferrets, an armadillo, a fennec fox, opossums, cavies, kangaroos, a baby alligator, a kookaburra, and our resident pig

  • Approximately a 1 hour

  • All Ages

  • Private Booking, please contact us to schedule. *(Currently only available on weekdays)*

Private Events & Tours

Want even more one-on-one time with our incredible animals?

Email or Call (805)341-2515 for more information or to reserve a private educational sanctuary tours or experience.

***All Private Tours have a 2 person minimum***

Private Sanctuary Tour: $100 per person (Weekday)

Private Monkey Experience: $175 per person (Weekday); $250 per person (Weekend)

Private Animal Adventure Combo: $250 per person (Weekday); $400 per person (Weekend)

Private Monkey & Mammal Tour: $200 per person (Weekday); $300 per person (Weekend)

**Group Discount of $10 off each ticket offered for private parties of 10+ purchased in a single transaction**
* Group discount not available for Children’s Tours

Private Children's Tour:

  • Children under 2: Free admission

  • Ages 2-12: $40 per person

  • Ages 13+: $60 a person

Already have your date reserved with Animal Tracks? Please click here to place your deposit. Thank you!

Deposits can also be made via Venmo. Our account is @AnimalTracksInc

Marriage Proposal

Animal Tracks is the perfect engagement spot, and we'd love to help you plan your perfect proposal. This special experience includes approximately a private two hour tour plus the expert help of two of our trainers. Email for more information.

Package starts at $400.00 each for the first two people, additional visitors are $175.00 each.

 A 50% deposit is due at scheduling for all private parties.

Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Our small facility relies largely upon admission to our tours and events, and we are rarely able to fill vacancies left by last-minute cancellations. Because of this, we are unable to make any exceptions to the following:

  • There is a 7 day cancellation policy for public tours and events. All cancellations or rescheduling requests must be made no later than 7 days before your scheduled tour or event. There will be no refunds or reschedules after 7 days before your scheduled tour or event.

  • There is a 14 day cancellation policy for private tours, private events, and private parties. There is a 50% deposit when scheduling a private experience. All cancellations or reschedules must be made no later than 14 days before your scheduled private tour, event, or party. Your 50% deposit will become non-refundable after that date.

  • Because the weather can be unreliable and there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances, we will occasionally have to cancel a tour. All tours cancelled by Animal Tracks are eligible for a full refund or reschedule.