Please consider donating the items below - lightly used equipment and supplies are welcome - or purchase directly from our wish list and have items shipped right to us! 


  • Bobcat mini tractor


  • Plywood

  • Chain link fencing (6ft)

  • Welded wire cages

  • Pooper scooper

  • Rakes

  • Brooms (heavy duty)

  • Shovels

  • Squeegees

  • Dustpans

  • Bleach wipes

  • Paper towels

  • Water hoses

  • Cases of water


  • Picnic tables

  • Plastic folding chairs


  • Giant dog Kennels (500 and 700 size)

  • Small dog igloos

  • Dog beds (all sizes)

  • Large blankets or comforters

  • Beach towels

  • Diapers (stage 3)

  • Dog cookies

  • Dog toys

  • Stainless steel dog bowls

  • Horse cookies

  • Horse fly masks

  • Horse fly spray/wipes

  • Horse halters (new or like-new)

  • Horse grooming brushes

  • Horse shampoo

  • Horse mineral block

  • Large horse water tub

  • Reptile Lamps, bulbs, shelters, water dishes, vision cages, substrate

  • Wood shavings

Horse feed 

Animal Tracks has an open account with Fox Feed & Hay in Acton. This allows you to call in and give a donation of any amount. The donation will be used towards our next delivery of hay. One bale of hay is $16 including delivery. Please Call (661) 269-5962.


Our animals love to eat... a lot! In fact, we spend $30,000 each year on their food. If you would like to help offset this expense, please consider bringing some of the following when you visit the ranch for us to add to their prepared daily diets.


90% of the diets are made up of produce. Our top produce Items are: Grapes, Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Avocado, Cucumber, Broccoli, Yams/Sweet Potatoes, Bell Peppers, Lettuces (Romaine, Green Leaf, Spinach), Green Beans, Carrots, Pomegranates


Wheat Bread, Rice Cakes, Plain Nuts (all)

Pet Food 

Live crickets, dried mealworms