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Dobby is a Fennec fox, the smallest canine in the world. He came to us as a surplus animal from another facility. Dobby is amazingly sweet and playful and loves to frolic with his many stuffed animals that volunteers have gotten for him over the years. When he gets really excited, he squeaks like a squeak toy!!! He also loves a good back or face message and will assume message position when his favorite person Alyson comes in to spend time with him. You can see Dobby on his social media. Fennec foxes are very social by nature, they live in family groups, so we were thrilled when Winky made her way into his heart in 2020. She was a personal illegal pet and was given to us about 2 years ago. She is the boss of him, but he holds his own when it comes to getting treats! It’s all about the motivation, right!he boss of him, but he holds his own when it comes to getting treats! It’s all about the motivation, right?!?


ORDER: Carnivora
FAMILY: Canidae               
GENUS: Vulpes                 

Fennec foxes are the smallest canine in the wild. They make dens and sleep during the hottest part of the day in Sub- Saharan Africa. They are crepuscular or active at dawn and dusk. Most foxes are solitary but not the fennecs, they love family and live in groups of 10 or more. Due to the temperature in which they live they have several very important adaptations. They have a very thick coat and tail for cold desert night and furry feet to walk on burning hot sand during the day. This would be only for emergencies though like a snake in their den, as normally they would be sleeping during the hottest part. They have incredible hearing. They can hear a watch tick from 50 feet away. This helps them find their prey when it is underground. They are lightening fast as their food can be dangerous like scorpions and tarantulas. When catching a scorpion they bite off the stinger and then eat it like a potato chip. They are monogamous and after a 50 day gestation period will have 2 to 4 kits in March or April. They reach sexual maturity at about 10 months of age.


Road construction and human encroachment, fur trade and pet trade.

Conservation Status

LC - Least Concern

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