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Hybrid Wolf

Rogue is a wolf hybrid who came to us in May 2021 along with his brother Lupin at 8 weeks of age in May 2021. Rogue is a somewhat shy, timid mid to low-content wolf hybrid, both he and his brother fall in rank below the two females, Dani and Ice that they live with. Rogue and Lupin love to playfully spar with each other throughout the day, and love following their “big brother” Raider around when they get to go play in the big wolf yard several times a week along with Dani and Ice where they get to run, play and explore to their hearts content. Even though the brothers are not high-content wolf, their brains are very wolf-like, making them very cautious and shy around people, especially strangers they don’t know. They will stay far away from groups of people they don’t know. Rogue is very endearing to the people he does know well, he loves to rub his head all over their heads – “marking” them with his scent… making them his!!!


ORDER: Carnivora           
FAMILY: Canidae               
GENUS: Canis                   

The wolf is the largest species of the wild dog family. A hybrid wolf happens most of the time from human intervention. A wolf and domesticated dog are purposely bred to create a combined version of the two, mostly for the pet trade. The problem is a wolf does not “domesticate” in one breeding and this can often be very detrimental to the pups, especially once they mature. They have an acute sense of smell and hearing. They travel in packs, about 7 to 8 individuals, with one alpha male and one alpha female. They are most active at sunrise and sunset but prefer to move under the cover of darkness. They do not accept strangers into their pack easily. They are apex predators who’s job it is to keep ecosystems in order and working smoothy. If you would like further info on the wolf, you can check out, “How Wolves Change Rivers”, narrated by Dave Attenborough.


Habitat loss and fragmentation. Shot on sight for being considered livestock predators.

Conservation Status

LC - Least Concern

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