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Red Fox Shy.heic

Red Fox

SHYERA, also known as SHY, came to us in December 2016 at 7 months old from a private owner in Utah. She was a pet trade animal. The owner moved and couldn’t keep her, so gave her to a sanctuary. That sanctuary had had too many foxes already, so they called us. One of our employees' ex-husband is a pilot, so we raised the money for the fuel to fly and pick her up. Shy is a beautiful, amazingly sweet, very vocal fox that just loves going for long walks exploring in our big yard that we use for our wolf hybrids to play in. Her best friend is a Cavalier King Charles, Sadie, that often goes on walks with her! She has lots of toys to keep her busy and she is constantly digging holes which we are constantly filling back up – it’s become quite a game with her. She was bred to be the color she is for the pet trade, naturally, the marble phase occurs less than 2% in the wild and consequently would not survive in the wild for lack of camouflage.


ORDER: Carnivora           
FAMILY: Canidae               
GENUS: Vulpes                 
SPECIES: Vulpes 

Most active during twilight (crepuscular) and evening hours, (nocturnal). They eat a highly varied diet which makes them opportunistic omnivores. They love a good hunt and will even hunt when not hungry to store food for hard times. Red foxes are the largest of all the foxes and are legendary for intelligence and resourcefulness. They can hear a mouse squeak 100 feet away and have an incredibly good hunting success rate of 75%. They are monogamous and breed January thru March. They are pregnant 60 days, normally producing 1 to 10 babies at a time. A normal family consists of 1 male and 1 to 2 females with pups. They sexually mature at 7 months of age.


Habitat destruction and over hunting. Once a population is depleted, rodent populations will skyrocket.

Conservation Status

LC - Least Concern

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