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Our Mission


At Animal Tracks Sanctuary we rescue, rehabilitate, nurture and protect animals that have been taken from their natural habitats and due to human intervention cannot be returned to the wild. While we provide compassionate comprehensive lifetime care to these animals, we also educate and involve the public in learning about conservation and ways to create a more sustainable environment in symbiotic relationship between people and animals. 


Immersive Experiences

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Join us for a unique experience at our rescue sanctuary! 

Our guided experiences bring you face-to-face with our incredible animal ambassadors, representing species from all over the world, each with a unique story of rescue and rehabilitation. Learn fascinating facts about their species, behaviors, and habitats from our passionate and knowledgeable staff. Whether you're meeting majestic serval cats, curious hybrid wolves, or playful monkeys, Animal Tracks offers an unforgettable journey into the heart of animal care and conservation.


Come visit us and discover the extraordinary efforts behind rescuing and nurturing these amazing creatures.

DISCLAIMER: We'd like to clarify that while we often use the term 'immersive' to describe our experience, we are not a petting zoo. We are a rescue center dedicated to conservation and rehabilitation. While most of our animals will be in close proximity, there will be limited physical contact permitted for safety reasons. This distance ensures our animals feel secure and comfortable. Our top priority is the safety of both our guests and our animals.

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A Peek Inside the Sanctuary


Disclaimer: The animals featured in this video are rescues under the care of our trained volunteers and staff at the sanctuary. These animals are not pets, and we do not encourage or condone contact with wildlife. Please respect their natural behaviors and habitats.



I recently had the pleasure of getting a tour of Animal Tracks, from Stacy herself, and it was such a fun and moving experience! This place is really one of a kind, giving a permanent loving home to many species of animals who were rescued from the exotic pet trade, the film industry and other abusive situations. I got to meet monkeys, foxes, wolves, donkeys, kangaroos, porcupines and other animals who call this magical place 'home', and enjoy living their lives free from having to serve humans in any way. From seeing Frank the armadillo play with a ball, Boo the monkey eating grapes, and the wolves having their daily run throughout the sanctuary, to hearing the stories of each animal and what they've been through before coming to Animal Tracks - it was a day I will never forget. Now I can't wait to be back!

Aylam Orian - Founder of National Animal Rights Day, actor & activist


Wildlife Help


Animal Tracks Sanctuary is not allowed to provide care for injured wildlife. If you encounter an injured animal, it is imperative that it receives proper care at a designated rehabilitation facility first. For assistance, please reach out to the California Wildlife Center using the contact link provided below.


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