Animal Tracks strives to educate the public through outreach and up close animal encounters while providing a safe and happy home for animals that can't be returned to their natural habitats


Meet Julie, our June volunteer of the month!


Animals have always been part of my life. I have volunteered in various ways and places for many years. Since connecting with Animal Tracks, my volunteering has become even more enjoyable. I no longer have to feel sorry for animals confined to cages all the time. Since most of the animals are able to be handled, they get time outside of their cages, interacting with staff, volunteers and visitors.

Different types of enrichment also help to occupy their time. Pinecones, large indestructible balls, plastic puzzles, Kong toys, etc keep them entertained trying to get to treats they like.

Since I have had experience in this realm, I have been assuming the job of enriching the animals with the help of the other volunteers. Animal Tracks is an awesome place to spend time, love the animals and feel appreciated by the dedicated staff.



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