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Meet the new girls Kanga & Roo

Welcoming Kanga and Roo, our newest additions from a sister facility in Paso Robles, California! As our kangaroo family grows older, we believe in ensuring they thrive within a supportive group dynamic. Recognizing this, we reached out to Conservation Ambassadors, who generously shared one of their beloved mama kangaroos with us.

While Mama Kangaroo is still acclimating to her human companions, she's seamlessly integrated into her new family. Grandma Bella and Uncle Kobe, initially hesitant, have come to appreciate the boundless joy and energy that the baby brings to their lives.

Despite Mama Kangaroo's initial reserve, her presence has sparked a renewed sense of happiness and vitality within our kangaroo family. We're thrilled to introduce these lovely additions to our community and can't wait to share their journey with you!


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