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A new family member at Animal Tracks!

We are so excited to announce that AJ, our African crested porcupine, has finally had his dream come true! We have found a cute little three-year-old female porcupine to be his companion.

She is currently in quarantine, but once she passes her health exams in the next few weeks, they will be together the rest of their lives!

Of course our AJ is neutered, so there won't be porcupine babies as we do not breed animals into cages. But it is important that he has companionship, and someone who speaks his language!

We will be running a name contest for the new girl porcupine on our social media platforms this week, so make sure you check out our Instagram!

We will be giving away two free tickets for one of our Friday, Saturday or Sunday public tours for the first person who nominates the best name!

Join in the free fun and find the best name for our new Animal Tracks family member!


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