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It's been raining cats & donkeys!

Yes, it has been pouring but we are feeling so much synchronicity right now at Animal Tracks. You’ve probably felt a similar feeling at some time in your life, when everything inexplicably falls into place, better than you could have imagined. It’s a reminder that you are doing something right.

We had two companion horses here at Animal Tracks. Neither horse could be ridden but they were sweet, gentle boys who kept each other’s secrets in the stable. Montana, the great old steed passed almost exactly a year ago. Every day since, Spirit has stood and looked out at the last place he saw his dear friend Montana. We all give Spirit extra love and care, but he seemed to long for a friend to share his pasture. Cue an unexpected donation. Animal Tracks is respected and appreciated by the Agua Dulce Community, so much so we were unexpectedly given a big donation of, you guessed it, a covered barn, plus 20, 3 rail panels to protect another animal. The donation included tools and farm equipment. How lucky is that since we are surviving on donations? A collection of dedicated volunteers, measured, deconstructed, carried, transported and rebuilt that new covered barn at Animal Tracks. Still others volunteers provided building materials and monetary donations. The months of preparation and donations of time, money and hard labor were a tangible reminder that so many people care about animals. But the story just kept getting better.

Animal Tracks is always looking for volunteers to help care for the animals.They also build and maintain the compound as well as getting us ready to reopen to the public. Enter Nancy, a new volunteer who heard great things about Animal Tracks from a friend. She enthusiastically offered her skills and experience to help Animal Tracks reopen, and deal with many of our current challenges. The help she was offering was primarily administrative, except, she has always wanted to rescue donkeys. Her connections were perfectly timed with our donation of the barn! Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in Acton helped us create a safe donkey environment. This weekend we welcomed Sophie and Vinny a bonded pair of standard donkeys. They were timid coming into their new forever home and stayed very close to each other. Spirit couldn’t contain his delight at welcoming not one but two new friends. He even kissed Sophie on the nose. We are excited to see how their companionship unfolds as we slowly allow Spirit to get acquainted with Sophie and Vinny. We hope to capture and share lots of special moments as they get comfortable living together here at Animal Tracks.


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