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Your Peaceful Place

Are you feeling the irony? All the constantly upgraded technology is supposed to help us get more “stuff” done. It’s designed to make our lives easier and give us more free time. So, how much more free time do you really have? Instead, are you feeling even more stressed about keeping up with all the constant messages, the streaming data, information coming at you faster than your mind can absorb and respond?

Come enjoy the magic and a peaceful space with our animals. Our volunteers say Animal Tracks is their “happy place”. It feels so far away from the constant demands on your attention. Visitors come here to unplug, slow down and observe. We don’t demand responses or timelines, but we do have fun meetings! You might see an armadillo dig deep into your thoughts. The monkeys will be watching you but their communication doesn’t need spell check. You won’t need emojis to express yourself, yet you’ll certainly feel a connection. Your log in will consist of shutting down the outside noise and opening your heart. It’s really that easy.

The animals who live here have found their safe space. They don’t have to hunt for food or go hungry. There are no predators to hide from or a need to protect themselves. Everyone is given enrichment and attention, and medical care if needed. All live peacefully. They have no work schedules or performance reviews, but when they get the Zoomies, it’s a whole lotta joy. Our guests tell us they experience a sense of peace just being with our animals. One recent visitor wrote to thank us for prioritizing the animal’s safety and needs over her professed desire to “hold/cuddle/pet all the animals”. She enjoyed just being with the animals even if she couldn’t touch them. Yes, as a handsfree space, we are finding new ways to stay connected with all our visitors yet allow the animals to enjoy their home.


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