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Meet Malakai: The Messenger Of Gratitude

Hi guardians of Animal Tracks!

Meet MALAKAI, one of our newest rescues, a Red Fox. Malakai means “messenger”.  We all are humbled and inspired by the messages of gratitude we have received upon his arrival at Animal Tracks.

Malakai was being raised for his fur, caged in a small, elevated 4 x 4 wood and chicken wire box, his feet never touching the earth! His vocalizations and tail wags tell us he feels grateful for his new home. We are equally grateful to have him join the family too.

As he settles into his new surroundings, we are thrilled to watch how quickly and easily he is adjusting.  He clearly appreciates his food bowl instead of the sardine can he was forced to open with his teeth if he wanted to eat. He walks comfortably on a leash, using his excellent sense of smell and tender paws to get familiar with his surroundings. He is gentle and calm, though he has no reason to trust humans.

Sadly, Red Foxes are facing heartbreaking survival consequences of climate change as their environment warms up, reducing their food sources. They are also still bred for their fur. We are sharing the message that these foxes need our help!

We hope you feel a commitment to supporting conservation efforts to protect these beautiful animals and their habitats!


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